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We are open during this time, and are extremely committed to your safety!

We hope you and your family are doing well during this unique period.

We have been cleaning approximately 95% of our clients throughout this period and have had zero reported problems.

The CDC is confident that by staying six feet apart – even if you’re around a contagious person – you will not become infected. With this is mind, here are the steps we are taking to protect you and our staff during this time:

  1. We have very powerful, high-intensity ultraviolet lights specifically designed for disinfecting and killing human pathogens, including the COVID-19 coronavirus. These are the same lights and technology that hospitals and planes use to disinfect. 

Currently we have paused using these since the CDC issued guidance that surface-to-surface transfer is not a significant issue and the time between houses in sufficient for transfer to not be an issue. However, we can provide this service for you if you like for a small fee:  Immediately before each cleaning we can disinfect the equipment that we use throughout your home and our shoes.

We can also disinfect areas of your home with this light if you are interested (for an additional fee).

2. All staff are now cleaning solo the vast majority of the time, so usually only one person will be in your home during your cleaning. On the rare occasion there are two people, they will practice appropriate social distancing.

3. We will not send anyone to your home who is sick in any way. We are not cleaning any homes where someone is sick.

 4. We will do far better than the six-feet apart rule! Our cleaner will stay at least an entire room apart from everyone in your home. Our cleaners will accommodate your personal preference regarding distancing. 

 5. If you request, she will wear a face covering while we are in your home. (The CDC and health experts say this is only recommended when staying six feet apart cannot happen). As with social distancing, simply let us know what you prefer, and we will honor your wishes regarding masks while we are guests in your home.

7. We have deep cleaned and sanitized our entire office and all cleaning equipment before shutting the office down so that the staff could operate remotely.

We feel that by following these procedures you are very well protected from any risks. Again, we have been cleaning approximately 95% of our clients throughout this period and have had zero reported problems.  

We can also provide a special wipe down of all frequently handled surfaces with a disinfectant shown to be effective on the influenza virus, herpes, HIV viruses and coronaviruses. The recent COVID-19 coronavirus is too new to have been tested, however, this specific virus is categorized as an “enveloped virus,” which our products are proven to be effective against. Please let us know when you call if you are interested in this service.


These days it can be a real challenge to handle all the responsibilities of maintaining a home and taking care of your family. Between working full time, paying the mortgage, taking care of the kids and still leaving time for some relaxation, it’s a wonder that anyone can make it work. Unfortunately, one of the first household tasks to fall to the way side is often times the most important one… cleaning.

Luckily, there’s hope for busy professionals and home owners like yourself. Enviro Integrity House Cleaning offers superior house cleaning services in Longmont and has been doing so for over two decades. Our company is local and only serves Boulder County.

We offer high quality cleaning services to residential and commercial clients with the goal of simplifying the lives of our customers. By streamlining the process of domestic cleaning, we offer peace of mind and a better sense of well-being to our clients.

Our employees are all bonded and insured which means that you don’t have to worry about paying payroll taxes or other fees associated with hiring your own domestic workers. In addition, our workers are professional cleaners with years of experience.

We guarantee that your home or business will be cleaned with precision and speed without causing any damage to property or getting in the way of your family’s busy schedule. Our company is a family owned and operated company that is dedicated to offering reliable and affordable service. In addition to our dedication to professionalism, we also care about the planet and your home environment! Our cleaning products are 100% safe for pets and humans and are most are eco-friendly (we use Comet in the tub / shower and toilet bowl).

As you can see, by simplifying the domestic cleaning process for you, we handle all the dirty work and make your life a whole lot easier. If you are searching for a locally owned Longmont house cleaning company, look no further.

In conjunction with our free phone consultation we offer a generous 10% discount on your first cleaning. Please call us today!

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